Event Tent Rentals

Frame Tent

This is a traditional tent structure with no center pole obstructions, allowing for optimum interior space. It is a popular choice among tent rentals in Houston for its affordability and convenience. The traditional frame tents can be secured with tent stakes, anchors, or weights. It is a popular solution for intimate events like Cook-offs, Weddings, Parties, Sporting events, Company parties, and Social gatherings.

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Pole Tent

The pole tent top is supported by poles located under the center of the top and then tensioned over side and corner poles. This improves the exterior and interior aesthetics of the tent. Pole tents can only be staked into grass. It is commonly used for Weddings, Parties, Sporting events, Company parties, and Social gatherings.

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Marquee Tent

The marquee tent is also known as the high peak tent. It is demanded for it’s the aesthetics without compromising functionality. It has the exterior beauty of Pole tent with the space functions of a frame tent. The Marquee tent can be anchored with stakes or water barrels.

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Structure Tent

Structure Tents have no interior poles and no exterior ropes. This creates optimum use of the interior space without compromising aesthetics.

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Tent Packages

With our experience and your vision of what you want, together we can build your event.
Be it the simplicity of a small intimate gathering, or something elaborate and large at Avalon, we have the most bespoke tent rentals in Houston, TX.

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Tent Accessories

We can provide every accessory you might need to go along with your tent. Ranging from draping, heating or cooling kits, lighting, to promotional products, we can bring comfort and character to your event venue. We can customize your tent to your liking, and we take pleasure in so doing!

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Use our space planner to design your event.